Monday, August 26, 2013

Workouts: August 18-24

Sunday 8/18 - Rest Day
I think taking a rest day is incredibly important, both to rest your physical body, and to take a day and not focus on exercise, but just to enjoy life.

This isn't to say that people who lift and/or exercise don't enjoy life.  But mentally, I feel like we need that break to just relax and not think about it so much.  I still try to eat healthfully on my day off, but I also allow myself a treat. :)

Monday 8/19 - 3.62 miles @ 7.1 mph, 1.5% incline + arms and shoulders

Tuesday 8/20 - 25 minutes HIIT on elliptical + legs

Wednesday 8/21 - 34 minutes of living room cardio - 2 different cardio circuits involving all sorts of exercises such as jumping jacks, burpees, squats, mountain climbers, butt kickers, etc.

My husband was out of town Tues-Thurs for a trade show, and since it's sort of frowned upon to leave sleeping children alone in a house, I settled for my living room cardio.  I pretty much despise it.

Thursday 8/22 - 28 minutes living room cardio - same circuits as yesterday, but done in 4 fewer minutes!

I legit almost bailed on working out today.  As I mentioned above, I hate doing living room cardio.  But I knew I'd beat myself up over it the entire day if I skipped.  Know what?  I felt pretty bomb ass afterwards.

Friday 8/23 - Arms (tri's and bi's) and some ab work.  + 3.65 miles on the tread @ 7.1 mph, 1.5% incline.

Husband's back!  Back to the gym!

Saturday 8/24 - Core work + 60 mins HIIT circuit (from Pinterest!) that almost killed me.

Ok, not really, but my calves are still screaming at me today.  It was tough, and I burned 720 calories! :)

I used to track my workouts on my personal blog.  One of my goals for 2013 was to run 400 or more miles this year.  So at the end of each workout summary, I tallied my miles.  That's what the following is all about:

Miles for the week: 8.62
Miles for August: 33.25
Miles for 2013: 330.01

I'm a very real person, so I'll be honest here.  I ate entirely too much junk food this weekend.  I tend to do that regularly and I always get so pissed at myself for it.  I feel like I'm starting over every single Monday and I hate it.

I'm going to try to plan out my menu and meals for this weekend so I can stay on track better.  I will always allow myself treats on the weekends.  Life is made to enjoy.  But there's a difference between a treat each night of the weekend, and eating a giant sized chocolate bar in two days.

With the three-day weekend approaching, there's no way I can eat like junk all weekend and not slide backwards in my progress.  Send motivation my way, cause I'm gonna stay on track next weekend, dangit!!

Have a healthy week, friends.

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